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Random Copenhagen

 Today I was at the central station. Get surprised. Well, there’s always something interesting happening.

Frankly, what comes in your mind speaking about central station? what kind of people are there, what is the speed of this Brownian motion, and what is the degree of this everyday chaos? Just imagine it and then..
That what I saw!
Beautiful isn’t it? You are welcome to share pictures of your central station.

I also want to show you some random pictures of Copenhagen .
For example some people came with wheelbarrows to the park to mark the beginning of the planting season.
They even have a motto.

And if you go a bit further, you will see this.
What a beauty, isn’t it? I’m very much in love with this city.
Share something beautiful that is around you.


Danish urban design


It was a beautiful day today, warm and sunny. I went around Nørrebro in Copenhagen, where I live, and took some pictures of vibrant urban life. Here are some shoots.

The place where I live is very alternative and people have very different lifestyle here There is no any similar quarter with the same buildings, people background. Every 500m it seems that you are in  a totally different place. Many foreigners, hipstersstudents, young families with children of all races and creeds. There is a pile of snack places with very different food, which are kept by the locals.
Recently, there were developed many public spaces, made by famouse danish urban designers. For example The Red Square, with all shades of red on the pavement, on the walls, on the swings and so on. Life on the area is in full swing.
Literally next door is another park , which was conceived with the young living in the nearby quarter, that is the most criminal in the area. Park is brightly painted, stocked climbing wall, bars, skate pool, etc. m. There is full of people on of all ages in a sunny day.

Grafitti art is a quite an issue in the area, it is just everywhere.  Discharged special walls for painting,  “free artists” paint everywhere. In my photo guys are refreshing their graffiti painting and a sceptical girl is watching from the bike stroller. By the way, they are painting on the building site fence and all those drawings are updated regularly.

So how do you like this urban design? Is this something you would enjoy in your living area?
The last picture is me, looking very sceptical. I criticize the design space due to the lack of greenery and an overabundance of hard surfaces: asphalt, concrete, this is not sustainable urban design in my book. 🙂