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Therapy Garden Nacadia

Many of us know that a walk through the woods and along the beach works well on our mood and health. We might do not know how it works but all of us can feel it. Some green places are made to investigate how different green spaces can cut the stress level and eventually prevent stress condition, and help to get on track after illness. The places are known as therapy gardens.

In this post I describe a new therapy garden Nacadia that was open in 2011 in Hoersholm, a town north from Copenhagen. I have been in Nacadia in May, with my colleagues that work on the idea to set up a therapy garden in Copenhagen. We all want to see this new green area to get inspired, talk to founders and enjoy the nature. It took us around 30 min by bus to get there but nature surrounding us has changed remarkably. From the dense noisy city we arrived to peaceful fresh smell environment. And I think pictures will speak for it better than words.

Welcome to the green!

Some facts about the place.
Therapy garden Nacadia was designed in the context of research and experience about natural healing. Stress sufferers can take part in a 10-week treatment in the Nacadia to meet an improved quality of life and return to normal life.
The societal direct and indirect costs of the Danish mental health problems cost many billions every year, therefore prevention of the stress is very important. The Nacadia garden can also function as a stress prevention place.

The Nacadia garden was established in the existing arboretum in Hoersholm, where new glass buildings were built and old building was renovated with nice walking terrace around. The place in the unique environment gives great opportunities to shape several rooms with different experiences of nature and natural conditions for many nature based activities. For example there is outdoor fire-place, lake, small river, tree houses, compost station etc.
Inside of the glass houses are different places with nature elements, water and activities that help to relax and feel closer to the nature.
Some pictures around the area.

Inside of the glass buildings.

Here you can sit in silence, listening to the sound of the creek, or digging in the earth, or to meditate by the fire.

Outside on the walking terrace with a splendid view.

Artificial lake that was made in a clearing surrounded by dense trees.

Fire place.

 All in the Nacadia garden made with high quality design and with knowledge of detail.
Personally, I have inspired by special benches that have integrated box with a soil around, so  plants and flowers grow around the seat. It could be a brilliant idea for a city environment as well. 

Nature in the Nacadia garden is very various and gorgeous, and it is possible to experience trees in a different way due to specifically adjoined elements.

I do not know how stressed I was before our visit to the Nacadia garden, but I left the place completely happy:)



August 2, 2011 3 comments

Metropolis Biennale is a festival of art and performance in the city. This year festival is organised by Copenhagen International Theater with support of Art Council, Performing Arts Committee and Copenhagen Commune.

There are gonna be presented many art performances, installations and activities in Copenhagen during August. Everything you can imagine in between human being and urban space.

The city becomes an open stage.

Starting from inside space of the city sporthalls and clubs events will continue to squares and harbours. Finally some of the perfomances will take place at the Amager beach where nature, the sea and windmills will greet you.

Some of performances offer to dissolve in urban environment with a help of blind pathes through the city noises and smells. For example there will be offered a tour through the hidden tunnels of the city that filles with 20 performers as a  human sculptures on the way.

The city becomes a storyteller.

One of the city hotels will tell a story about its invisible stuff people, that get a chance to come out from behind the scenes. As a participant you can snoop in their secrets and everyday life.

It will be also possible to influence the city on your own, if you take part in folding the giant paper boat, that supposed to sail through city harbour with an artist on board. Or you can try to build a city room yourself at the Prags Boulevard, just don’t forget tools! Or you can send a sms about where is the best place for 100 dancers to meet in the city and join their colourful crowd afterwards!

Art in all formats.

There are expected art in all formats in the city, all you can imagine.  There will be performance from Ny Circus in the truck, Soundart in the Black Diamant Library, flashmobs at subway stations, world famous street dancers on the stage, four writers at the main train station that are busy with writing a reality novel, or even an open air concert with 500 instruments that are routes by wind.

There will be presented 19 performing activities from different artists all over the world. Many of those events are free to join.

My participation.

I’m going take part in performance Bodies in Urban Space as a guide for the audience. I’m also looking forward to see many of performance as a watcher, and you will find pictures and emotions from me here.

Tonight I’m going to join 100 dancers Live Art Installations (happening), that starts from Sankt Hans Torv and continue to Kongens Have.

Look for more details here