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Sustainable Eco District BO 01 in Malmo _Part 2

I have promised you guys to write more about BO 01 district in Malmö, so I do it now.

The first post about BO 01 was more emotional about my feelings of the place. This part will be more informative and include some opinions of the local residents, that I have interviewed in the spring 2011. And many pictures!

Here on this picture you can see wind protection at balconies, this type of removable glazing is quite popular in Scandinavia.

So from the beginning BO01 area was planned as a housing exhibition of 2001 with aim to create environmental oriented housing district.

There are many ecological principles in buildings, area layout and infrastructure. For example all building were built with no hazardous materials used in the building process, and the building materials should be reusable when the buildings are demolished. The construction companies were directly involved in negotiating the quality program with its environmental targets and requirements.

Catwalk is a very season dependent place: empty in the cold season and overcrowded in the summer. Actually the catwalk functions as a city scale public place where people can take a swim, enjoy the sun, sail around, have a coffee with a friend, take family dinner or just seat by the seaside. It takes 10-15 min by walk from the city center, or 2-3 min by bus, or even faster with a bike. The bus service which connects with several of the main central points in town run in seven minute intervals. However the parking space is quite limited at the area. There is only 0.7 parking space per household that aim to rank pedestrian and bicycle. There is also an electrical car pol available for the residents.

Green elements plays an important role in the area. The area was planned according to the green space and green points factors. First one was developed to require the construction companies to find solutions to increase the amount of rain water infiltration into the ground locally, and the second one aiming to increase biodiversity in the area. Green point factor is basically a list of approx. 30 different measures, such as the planting of rare species, putting up of bird and bat boxes, creation of different habitats for animals and insects in the area. Together with the implementation of an open rain water management system it is resulted in a very high level of biodiversity, especially with regard to equally densely populated city areas.

The quality program of BO01 area implied the construction companies to use different architects for different plots of land, resulting in an interesting and stimulating, diverse city district which invites for walking and spending time in the area.

Energy issue in BO01. An important part of the concept is low energy use in the buildings. Each unit is only allowed to use 105 kWh/m²/year,
including household electricity and is equipped with a meter that displays the electric and caloric consumption. This target was however not achieved in most of the houses, which is mainly due to the fact that the theoretically calculated energy consumption did not prove
realistic in practice since it included a lot of unknown and before not used assumptions.

There are 1,400 m² of solar collectors, placed on top of ten of the buildings complement the heat produced by the heat pump to supply the area. A large wind power station (2 MW) placed in Norra Hamnen (the north harbour) and 120m² of solar cells produce electricity for the
apartments, the heat pump, fans and other pumps within the area.

Waste treatment program in BO01 implies the transformation of the organic wastes into biogas (through a system of the vacuüm
waste chutes where the waste is taken to the biogas plant). The biogas is then used to heat homes and power vehicles.

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