U.S.E. T.W.O.

U.S.E  T.W.O. was en open air workshop and exhibition organized by Bureau Detours (Aarhus, Denmark) supervised by Dennis Design Center (Rotterdam, Holland).

The living workshop was open from the 8th until the  21st of August in Copenhagen during Metropolis Biennale activity.

The workshop was placed at the Prags Boulevard in Copenhagen, at the open street space between Prags Garden (urban agriculture project developed by locals)  and Prismen (CultureHouse for the local district Amager), the famous project of Dorte Mandrup Architects that deserve a special entry.

The place is also quite an experimental in itself because of the diverse urban environments, it is on the middle between big scale industrial areas and Amager residential area.

The workshop consisted of 3-4 bright orange  iron containers turned up to be creative generators. There people enjoyed building wooden furniture: benches, swings, tables etc. that were placed overall in the city.

That how different creative playgrounds looked like.

The corner with a tree house, cooking place, music corner, tall bike workshop etc.

The tall bike workshop got a lot of attention from local  teenagers and passers-by.

You can see yourself how cool it looks! the tall bike in use!

Everyone had possibility to make their own tall bike, just come with two bikes and voilà! after 3-4 hours you can ride it to the envy of all!

The masterpiece of wood processing

were the wooden diamonds of course:  faceted to shine pieces of wood.

Grill bike, urban swing, free furniture and towers brought also a great joy to users.

A special point deserves the graffiti art at workshop area.

Bright colors, good detailed drawings, meaningful texts – that what we love about GRAFFITI!

It was such a pleasure to watch the art work of Bureau Detours, Bolsje Fabrikken and Dennis Design Center together that I want to say :

Hats off to the true talented artists!



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