Bodies in Urban Space

Last Friday I have seen a live performance Bodies in Urban Space, presented by 20 dancers, parkour practitioners and circus artists. The task for the audience was very simple – follow the crowd and look around to find volatile human sculptures. They could be anywhere and even in most unexpected places: between call-boxes, on the light pole, at a doorway, on the staircases etc. Participants come into position or grouped very fast and freeze motionless up to 10-15 min, that make them look like a bright addition to the urban space.

Bodies in Urban Space is a result of co-operation between participants and famous choreographer Willi Dorner, who was working with different experimental festivals in Europe and USA.  By artworks and performances the artist give new visual angle to everyday urban life.

“Whether it’s people spilling out of doorways, climbing up trees, crouched on rows of steps or sandwiched into concrete crevices, the idea is all about looking at the city afresh – about looking at the urban environment and the city architecture differently, and they use bodies to get a new perspective on architectural surroundings.” – quoted from Time Out.

I post pictures taken by Yuliya Klimenko during the performance. That action was quite impressive and very cool! Enjoy:))

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