On a voyage

On a Voyage is a performance presented by Frank Bølter during Metropolis Biennale.

The initial idea of the performance was to build a giant paper boat and to sail in the city harbor. This concept routes from the poetic sensation to explore the world without fear and expectations, like children or fairytale heroes do.

With a help from citizens the boat was built out of milk cartons.

By the moment of launching there was impressive crowd around: helpers,  reporters,  gawkers, excited kids and rescuers they all seemed as immediate participants of the action. I think it was the temperature of the water only that stop them from a jump and swim side by side.

But the boat started to break up in some places even before it touched the water surface. It is hard to say was it due to the weather condition (the paper could be wet because of the rain) or to some construction mistake, but those cracks became bigger and the launching failed.

It was a pity to see the boat slowly sinking in full view of everybody. But the artist fearlessly jumped aboard and start to sail with a help of towboat. The crowd watched him after disappointed and misled.

Frank Bølter has gotten different prices for his artworks and performances. Besides the paper boat he builds also other monumental art pieces out of paper, such as Akropolis in Linz, where he engages citizens to take part.

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