100 Dancers in Copenhagen

Yesterday I watched Live performance 100 dancers – the first activity at the Metropolis Biennale.

Dancers performed at different urban spaces, that made every performance unique. They start at Sankt Hans Square, quite noisy place with 3 roads around, many restaurants, and the expressive stone sculpture on the middle. Dancers occupied square slowly and genlte, they found contact with sculpture elements, and the sculpture became alive.

After the live musiciants start playing the whole dance became more intense, and the culmination happened when all participants made a tight group and performed a synchronised dance. Looking ahead I want to say that in all three dances I have watched, that synchronous movement of the crowd have had a hypnotic power over me. Something reminding of tribal dances or ritual worships, in which you are also involved constrainedly.

Next place was Blaagaards Square, with a sunken playground that seemed like a perfect stage for dansing crowd.

I am not an expert on the dance culture, but the dancing itself embodied elements of contact dance, spontaneous dance and improvisation.
For me it was interesting how dancers interacted and conquered step by step different urban spaces. The friend of mine who was also watching said, that it seemed like dancers mimicry in given space, with attemp to seamlessly merge into surroundings. Every element of urban space (sculpture, tree, fence, ground, grass etc.) became a dance partner. I hope you can see the light of it out at my pictures.

The last place I followed with 100 dancers was The Queen Louise Bridge, where dancers spreaded among the lake and eventually over and under the bridge.

Thanks a lot to the choreographer Pipaluk Supernova for such an interesting concept and wonderful spectacle!



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