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Bo01 – eco-district in Malmo, Sweden

Part 1

Malmo is located on the south of Sweden, and it’s just 35 min away by train from Copenhagen. You just take a train, cross the Oresund (sound between Denmark and Sweden) and you are in Sweden. Take a 15min walk towards Western Harbour and here it is – Sustainable Development Bo01 – the famous eco-district.

BO01 eco-district in Malmo, Sweden

View from Bo01 at the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden.

I’ve been there 2-3times before, but I like to come there anyway. This time I did some interviews with locals and tourist to find out what is it for them to live in such a place? Tourists were asked basically about their experience of the place. I also talked to the owner of the restaurant Salt&Brygga, that is part of the district. This description of Bo01 is mostly based on my personal experience and things I’ve heard from people.

I’ve got there in a cloudy windy day and was almost blown by the wind. It was the end of March, but with a cold wind it felt like November. There were few people, just locals that were in a hurry to run some meters from the car to the house door, or quickly taking a short walk with a dog. In such a day it’s better to stay inside.

The plant works as a wind indicator. By the way the wind is extremely harsh only by the water promenade, where is no protection from the seaside. However inside of the area is quite windless, because buildings were designed and placed in the way to stop the wind and create protected environment.

Calm environment inside of the district.

To continue I’ll say some facts about the area.

Shortly, Bo01 was build in 2001 (the name is consist of word Bo -“to live” in Swedish and 01 – the 2001 is the year of foundation). Bo01 is a first step of the Western Harbor Development (former shipyard area), that is for ten years got housing, school, offices around BO01 area. The development started as a house exhibition, with aim to show the new way of living. All buildings were supposed to have low-energy consumption with local energy produced by “green energy sources” wind mills, photovoltaic cells and burned waste. In combination with diverse architecture and special green program it meant to be a model of future housing district.

Every house made by different architect is its special manner and unique style.

There are many thoughts behind BO01 development about how to make buildings and urban living  environmental friendly. For example the organic waste gets transformed into biogas, that is used after for heating and for driving vehicles. The rain water goes to collecting system, and all of the grey water is treated at the purification’s post. I have to admit that organic thinking seems quite normal in Sweden, people for example consider to sort their waste so natural , so it’s hard to believe that 10 years ago it was new way of thinking.

The rainwater channels are used as bike parking feature by locals.

One of my questions to local people was: do you know how much energy you consume? All of them didn’t know the figures, but said that they supposed to know, and hope that it will be possible to monitor energy consumption in the future. May be there were some measure devices in apartments from the beginning, but not anymore.

The waterside of Bo01 is popular among locals and guests.

This place is known as a Catwalk, and it’s full with people in warm days. But in cold windy days Catwalk is quite empty. The design of this wooden deck and landscape around is made by Danish architect Jeppe Aagaard Andersen.

Green Program is very important in Bo01. Birds, bats, butterflies are welcome to leave here, because courtyards provided by nests and feeders. Buildings have also some features for climbing plants.

Wooden ladder on the façade helps climbing plants.

Water, trees, bushes + high esthetic architecture made this place unforgettable.

The building at the right corner is Turning Torso, the 190 meters high building (mix of dwelling and office) designed by Santiago Calatrava. This tallest in Scandinavia high scraper became the icon of Malmo.

To be continued…

  1. July 11, 2011 at 3:32 am

    Really interesting pictures of Sustainable Development Bo01. Would be interesting to see how much less energy people consume there, see inside some of the buildings, understand the designs and interview some people about the quality of life there.

    • July 11, 2011 at 7:44 am

      i’ll post interviews of locals from BO01 soon. I have talked to people live there and to the owner of one local restaurant. I’m gonna post it as soon as i figure out how to post audio file.

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